Modern Cloth Nappies

Yep, I am a cloth using mumma bear. I weirdly love it. I enjoy washing and hanging out nappies! There were a number of reasons we decided to use cloth nappies. Yes, hubby does use them as well, without complaint.

nb – This post ended up being hugelyyyy long so I have chopped in and will talk more about different types of nappies at a later date. x

1. Environmental factor My understanding is it takes 300-500 years for 1 nappy to break down, they are not biodegradable. With an average of 7 nappies a day, that’s a lot of impact on the envronment. The planet that my child will grow up in. I am sure there was some carbon footprint making the cloth nappies, however, these will last her to toilet training and then future children. 23-01-15 Modern Cloth Nappies Pt 1

2. Savings.

The hidden cost of babies can quickly add up and we knew when planning for our daughter we wanted to keep things as simple as we could. We estimate to save at least $1000 a year using cloth nappies. Any future children that come along will use this stash of cloth nappies, saving more again. 23-01-15 Modern Cloth Nappies Pt 1b

3. Ease factor.

We have enough nappies to have some dry and folded, some washing and some dirty. We can’t run out unless I dont wash for seven days! This means we don’t run out, there are always nappies available to us.We totally have our favourites we use first up, but they all get used and put through the cycle. 23-01-15 Modern Cloth Nappies Pt 1j

4. Generally no nappy rashes.

So far (14 weeks), Bonnie Mae has not had a single rash from nappy wearing. She might have a small bit of redness diretly after a number two, but it dissappears by next nappy change. I generally use coconut oil or paw paw to give her a helping hand.

5. Cuteness factor!

There are some super cute designs available. As she has been a summer baby, it has been really sweet for her to hang out in just a singlet and a coulourful nappy. 23-01-15 Modern Cloth Nappies Pt 1k23-01-15 Modern Cloth Nappies Pt 1l

Some factors to consider when using cloth are

1. Washing.

Dirty Nappies go into a ‘dry pail.’ A pedal bin with a washable pail liner. They are then all thrown into the machine. I do a cold rinse cycle then a cold cycle with 3 rinses. I wash nappies every second day. You need to use detergent that is MCN (Modern Cloth Nappy) safe. These products are usually free from enzymes and fillers. I haven’t found a powder that is MCN safe yet and my understanding is powder is out – liquid wash is in. We already used eco store liquid wash and this happened to be MCN safe. This was great as we didnt have to switch or have separate detergent just for nappies. Two others options are Earth’s Choice and Biozet Eco or Rapid. All available in the local grocery store. Again only the liquids not the powders. There are others out there such as Rockin’ Green and natural soap nuts. Sun is your friend, soaking powders are not. I didnt understand the magic of sunshine until using cloth. MCN’s are made from beautiful fabrics like bamboo, hemp and minky, any powder soaker like Napisan will destroy your beautiful nappies. Any marks that are left after washing are hung in the sun. VOILA, it dissappears. I have only had one stained nappy so far from a fabulous number two. When I pulled the nappies in from the line that afternoon, I couldn’t find which had been the nappy with the stain! The sun will also freshen the scent of your nappies if you feel they are becoming a little musty. I am still cautious on leaving them too long in the sun on these super hot summer days we have been having. If you still find you need help moving a stain out you can use pure sodium per carbonate (Coopers Home Brew sanitiser – REALLY!) This doesnt have any fillers or other things that will destroy your precious bundle. 23-01-15 Modern Cloth Nappies PArt 1n

2. Creams and balms.

Rash creams containing zinc oxide will be very difficult to remove from your nappy and mess up the absorbency. A lot of creams contain this. Lanolin may leave traces after a wash as well. There are a number of products you can use on a cloth bottom including coconut oil (just from the grocery store – I use organic unrefined), some paw paw balms (not Lucas’ Paw Paw) and the very¬† popular CJ’s butter. Again there are many more, these are just a few. I use coconut oil and Natures Care paw paw. I really would love to try some CJ’s butter one day soon. They use both natural scents and synthetic and both are ok to use, however, I only want to try the naturally derived scents. I rarely need to use anything down there but I have these two products ready in my battle kit. 23-01-15 Modern Cloth Nappies Pt 1m

3. Out and about.

Initially for the first few weeks we did use disposable nappies. We used Naty eco nappies as our little bundle was too small for her cloth nappies at this stage. Once we transitioned to cloth we used a ‘wet bag’ when out and about. This bag stores our dirty cloth nappies and doesn’t leak through the rest of the nappy bag. The first few times I was a little nervous being out and about using cloth as I was still mastering the fit and I was still new to parenting rooms. I was, and still am a minority when changing a cloth bottom and some parents are really interseted, some intrigued and some disgusted. At first, I was a little anxious about this but I am TOTALLY over it now. I don’t judge a mumma bear for using disposable so ask those mummas not to judge me for using cloth. I am also MUCH better at fitting a cloth nappy now. It is different to putting a disposable on, so I was all over the place initially but now I can fit them with my eyes closed. 23-01-15 Modern Cloth NAppies Part 1o

5. Cloth nappy obsession.

I could spend hours pouring through the amazing cloth creations. You can buy them from established companies like Bambooty, Baby Bee Hinds, Bum Genius, Eco Naps (there are hundreds of other companies.) But there are also some incredible embroidered creations from WAHM’s (Work At Home Mums.) You can become easilly obsessed. I joined a closed facebook group for modern cloth mumma bears and we are all just as obsessed with cloth! 23-01-15 Modern CLoth Nappies Part 1p

Told you it was a super long post! I will talk about the different kinds of nappies at a later date. My little one had some Bowen Therapy today. She had a feed when we got home and has had a wonderful peaceful sleep, but I can hear her stirring – time to make a quick cuppa before she is ready to wake!

Are you a cloth mumma or a disposable? xx