What the heck do you feed her? 

I get this line whenever someone sits and really listens to Bonnie’s allergy story. 

Every time, I sit back and think ‘I have no idea – this is so hard!’ However, in our everyday lives of course I am substituting and reinventing constantly and don’t give it a second thought. 

Let’s start with what Bonnie can’t have – wheat, eggs, peanut, hazelnut and coconut.  (she has other environmental anaphylactic allergies too which we will save for another day.)  

She can eat fresh veg and an aray of fruit, meat, seeds, almonds, cashews, macadamia and pistachios (which are given regularly to avoid allergies to all nuts.) 

The biggest thing we soon discovered was how much wheat is contained in store bought products – regardless of how healthy they are. From this discovery and the constant fear of buying something someone else prepared – out houselhold is now probably 90% homemade from scratch. From sauces to wheat and egg free breads to buy butters and dips. 

Yeah it’s a big job making it all from scratch and it can be expensive but thing we ever did on this allergy journey was buy a Thermomix (this is not a sponsored post.) It meant I could crush rice, quinoa, dry chickpeas, almonds into a flour in the blink of an eye and at a minuscule cost. I am also assured nothing extra has been added to the ‘flours.’ 

With this magical machine I make our own millet breads and homemade tomato sauces, bliss balls and more. The best bit is our Thermie chops everything in the bowl faster than you can get a knife out – and with a toddler this is just an extra benefit. My husband nearly fell over when I first told him the price, but I arranged for a consultant to come to our home and my husband attended and it was him filling out the details halfway through the presentation! 

Anyway, I digress on my love for our Thermomix. Coming up with new meals regularly has been a challenge for me lately, I have felt drained of inspiration to constantly vary her meals – intotalky admit it. 

Yesterday, wasn’t one of those days and dinner was a beautiful array of foods. Nitrate free bacon, spinach, sauerkraut, pickle, olives, tomato, cheese, avocado some roast potato (not shown – it was cooling) and other little bits. She was so excited to be presented this! I would say she ate about 3/4, she didn’t want to the pickle, spinach (she did suck and chew on them a bit), or the sauerkraut tonight – and that’s just normal toddler behaviour which we also need to cater for. 

Bonnie’s not a huge meat fan either and we never force it in her. We eat pasture raised, organic meats and nitrate free hams and bacon, sometimes she will eat it but mostly she doesn’t want to – and that’s cool with us. 

Today I am making some almond bliss balls for snacks – they a great filling protein, gets the almond nuts in and are an easy snack to pack. See the link for the recipe below… we sub the coconut oil in the recipe for butter or ghee (today its butter) 


If you don’t have a Thermomix you can still make these- buy almond meal and pop them in your blender. Or you could chop the dates by hand and hand mix the lot. 

Are you on an allergy journey? What are your restrictions? 

Sunny smiles