Working Out After Baby

Hello lovelies.

Today my little precious bundle is eight weeks old. The actual birth is a fading memory, yet I can’t believe she is two months old already. A fortnight ago I got the all clear from my OB to start working out again but she warned me to take it slow and not jump into anything heavy straight away. Somehow a fortnight passed and I still hadn’t done anything, until today.

Today, I began my post baby body journey. I have already been really conscious of my eating habits since Bonnie’s arrival as I didn’t want to upset milk supply and I didn’t want to upset her little tummy. I did manage to make her uncomfortable with berries, but this seems to have passed for now.

I know I need to do some serious work on my core to gain back control and of my pelvis. At 26 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with acute SPD (Symphiysis Pubis Disorder.) I ended up hospitalised for 5 days, then crutches for a month and was on rest after that, so I stopped work, yoga and all movement from 26 weeks. Everytime it hurt, I was aggravating the condition and making it worse.After lots of physio and accepting the rest I was able to hold till full term and birth naturally. I only have a bit of stiffness to work through now. Needless to say my fitness levels took a major nose dive.

Before my bedrest days I was a fan of swimming, yoga and pilates. As a former elite swimmer the pool still comes naturally to me (although slower now.) I have practised yoga on and off for years and had dabbled in pilates a small amount but not until two years ago when I discovered Blogilates. I seriously love this girl and her pilates videos and it is allllllll free! The app is brilliant as all her videos are right there organised. Every month she puts out a new exercise routine to follow. She is super upbeat and happy and always gets me moving. I hope to use swimming, yoga and pilates to get my core, strength, flexibilty and overall health back on track.

Today, I went back to Blogilates Beginner’s Workout calendar. I lasted about two minutes before I realised I needed to take it back a further step. It was too much for my pelvis and core to start with. Not yet defeated I hit pinterest. In the early hours of feeding I had pinned a heap of post baby workouts and stretches, the stretches were what I was after. Along with needing to build strength, I need to stretchhhhhhh. I can feel very sore shoulders and neck building, from breastfeeding I presume.

This is what I ended up doing (I have hyperlinked the images for you.)

I started with these simple yoga stretches. I felt stiff and sore as soon as I lay on the ground. I played some relaxing music in the background to help get me in the mood. Bonnie was (and still is) napping in her bassinet.

9-12-14 After Baby Workout 3

I found these in my pinning pile after I realised my back and shoulders were sore and continued with the quiet music focussing on breath and engaging core.

9-12-14 After Baby Workout 2

Then I started working on my core. I didnt push it but made sure I could feel things working. I did lots of pelvic tilts as I felt the strongest with these.

9-12-14 After Baby Workout 1

Finally, I gave my back a really good stretch and this felt great! The towel really helped me open up my back and shoulders.

9-12-14 After Baby Workout 4

From today’s experience I am not planning on doing anything different for a while until I can get a good handle on these moves. I would like to throw in a swim or walk where I can as well.

NB – Remember to seek clearance from your doctor before starting any exercise. I am not at all an expert on fitness. This is what I have chosen to do from my experience with yoga, pilates and my physiotherapist.

What has your post baby health plan been?



Today’s Achievment

I write today’s post feeling proud of my accomplishments as the day draws to a close. Today I showered and crumbed the chicken for dinner.
That’s it.
You know what though, I am proud of it. I did not think I would be able to prep dinner at all and was totally prepared to eat toast or a bowl of cereal.
Yep, it’s been tough in our house the past 72 hours and last night I had 3 hours of sleep before Miss Bonnie woke, cried and cluster fed until the break of dawn. The Wonder Weeks app I mentioned the other day alerted us that she was in the ‘patterns’ change but we knew something was awry!

Anyway I got her to have a sleep at about 6.30am. I showered, had breakfast and then had about 2 hours in dreamland with her. The rest of the day has been feeding, changing and feeding- all in bed watching telly. It’s just that kind of day.

About a half hour ago, she had a cat nap and I quickly prepped dinner for later (something I like to do as dinner time seems to be chaotic here now.) I was so happy I got this done I couldn’t stop grinning.

Today, I just had to let it go and accept my fate for the day. I wasn’t going to get to steam the tiles, or scrub the bathroom (both on my mental ‘to do’ list.) I stayed calm and went with the flow. For me, and I think a lot of mumma bears this can be a hard thing to swallow.

I like to keep things tidy. I can’t lay around and relax if there are jobs to be done. I like to clean and organise the home and then totally chill with my mental household list checked off. So being able to let go of a whole day was a big leap for me. Also being proud of the small accomplishments I did get done. Not cursing the ones that didn’t get done!

It just dawned on me I managed to wash Bonnie’s cloth nappies and hang them out too! Even more fabulous!

As for hubby, I got a good one. He will be giving me a high five that dinner got prepped and nappies got washed too. He will be ecstatic that mental list of mine didn’t get a look in today.

That’s today’s post feeling proud for crumbing Jamie Oliver’s chicken pieces.

How was your day?