Welcome back to me…2015

Yay! Our Internet is finally all fixed and we are back in touch with the cyber world! We did really miss it but it was also good for us not to have constant access to email, social media and www. It wasn’t us that broke the net here it was something at the exchange box (I don’t really know) but we are backkkkkk.

Hoping you all had a jolly Christmas and festive New Years. Ours was a hectic whirlwind with visiting family members and a new baby.

14-01-15 Welcome back to me 3

Bonnie (now 13 weeks) was so spoilt with gifts we were so incredibly blessed. We decided to share the love and donated a box of her things to Assist-a-sista. We aren’t trying to offend any wonderful gifters however,  with her being born in October then having  Christmas 10 weeks later we were heaving under the love and genorisity of family and friends. We felt we could help others by sharing the love around. Assist-a-sista is a volunteer community who support survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives. This time our parcel went to them. You can check them out on facebook too.

14-01-14 Welcome back to me

Have you made any goals for 2015? I gave up calling them resolutions in 2014 and tried to set a goal every month last year and put it in a jar so I could look back on it come year end. I really loved the idea and made up a chart like the one below. I modified it so we both fit on one chart (nb-I pinned the below goal chart from Pinterest but the link to the original source does not exist anymore.) We had a weekly and a monthly. I lasted about 3 months last year- hope you can do better! This year we have one big goal in the pipeline but I won’t share it just yet as it is still in ‘goal creation mode.’

14-01-15 Welcome back to me 4

I have quite the list of things to talk about since my little break…you can expect a post at least every second day this year – unless the Internet wants to break up with me again…

Share your 2015 goal…..x