a journey and a rebirth

well, I have missed some time on here…oops. I had so much to say and so little time. So much has happened and we are such a different parenting path than I imagined we would be.


I am using this space to re-ignite the flame (for in the kitchen!) Sounds strange on it’s own, but not for our little family.

Our little blessing, Bonnie Mae, now 2 years old has multiple anaphylactic food and environmental allergies.  I will write a big post on it all explaining how we first came about it all but as it currently stands she is anaphylactic to coconut, egg, dog (a rare one to be anaphylactic to), and allergic to wheat, peanut, hazelnut, dust/mites and cat. Yep, it’s quite the list.

Food wise, it’s been a journey for us. I have learnt new skills in the kitchen, combining this and this to substitute that. I feel lucky for already having confidence in the kitchen, but I still remember the beginning of the journey feeling like I was in a mind field.

Needless to say, its been a big year, with two anaphylactic shocks and survivals and the devastating rehoming of our dearly beloved pets, we are feeling tired as we enter the festive season. Lately, I have been very uninspired in the cooking department (something I used to love.) I think a combination of constantly substituting recipes and developing my own (a very new experience) and sourcing tried and true recipes that suit Bonnie’s needs and keep our palette entertained.

That’s where you come in. For a good twelve months now, various people have encouraged me to write down my allergy food knowledge, to share my findings and learning’s and of course stumbles! What a perfect way to re-ignite my inspiration in the kitchen and hopefully help another mumma bear (or papa bear) out on their allergy journey.

So stick around and get ready for delicious dishes and story sharing of life with an allergy kid.



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