Parenting apps

Living with iPhones and iPads only metres away all the time isnt always a great thing. However, two apps discovered in this household has been a life changer, In this instance I thank technology.

Firstly, as I said yesterday, I really didnt know any of Bonnie’s feeding or sleeping patterns or how long feeds would go. It was when our lovely GP asked me to think hard I realised it was all a fog and felt I definitely needed to know more about our bubba’s daily habits. I initially planned to write it all down and was instantly tired by the thought of it. “There must be an app” I muttered as I started scanning through the app store while nursing Bonnie the other day. Yep, there totally is and it is awesome!

The Baby Sprouts app is free or you can pay $6.49 (AUD) to upgrade to premium (which I ended up doing.) It tracks sleep, feeds (both breast and bottle), pumping, medications, activities, nappy changes, milestones and more. I am finding it super easy to use. When she falls asleep I open it up and hit ‘asleep’ and the timer starts. If I forget I can jump into the edit section and start the sleep/feed when it occurred. I can even enter an entirely missed activity too.

5-12-14 Parenting apps 1

You can look at the data in charts or a simple written overview. You can share it with a babysitter or hubby too so they can jump in and add data and everyone can see. Additional children seem easy to add as well.

5-12-14 Parenting apps 4

Being able to track Bonnie’s activities has been super easy using this and it runs in the background so once the timer starts you can make a call, jump on pinterest and cruise around the net. This was the tool that made me understand Bonnie’s habits more (except last night – I don’t know what she was up to!) I realised she has a big morning sleep around 8.30am – 9am then has another big sleep around 2pm.

5-12-14 parenting apps 2

I thought her feeds were an hour long but they were half that! It just felt longer haha. I now know she has a couple of shorter feeds in the evening before she enters dreamland for the night. As a couple we enjoy sharing her day as hubby can jump on at work and see that she has had tummy time (I can add photos too) and mat play and he doesn’t feel so distanced by work.  We can also look at her milestones and see what is happening with her little self as the weeks continue.

5-12-14 parenting apps 3

The second app we have used since arriving home is the Wonder Weeks app.

5-12-14 parenting apps 5

A midwife at the hospital told us about it and it helped when Bonnie Mae hit her first milestone. She all of a sudden became really fussy and grisly. The Wonder Weeks told us she was going through a change and what to expect – it helped immensely and gave us first time parents tips on how to help her through it. We set up family sharing with our iTunes so we can share this app together and both track her development (in fact I think she hits another change soon!) You simply pop in the childs D.O.B and other info and it sorts all out for you.

5-12-14 parenting apps 6

The baby face is where your child is at and the stormy clouds indicate a ‘change’ or ‘milestone’ period. It’s been fun to see where she is heading, but also helpful to know she is entering a time where she needs more support. (note ALL of today’s images are from baby sprout or wonder weeks – not my own.)

Have a wonderful weekend mumma bears… x

What apps or technology tools have you discovered and love?


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