The First Post

Gemma here. Curator of this blog and currently first time mumma bear to a beautiful little girl (Bonnie Mae.) Having a career before becoming a full time mummy I knew I would still want to dabble in something, but I didnt know what. As soon as I was home from hospital nearly 7 weeks ago I knew it was a blog. However, it has taken me this long to find the time to start one. Yep, I am still playing with the look and feel but it is up in the big wide world.

These are my experiences and my thoughts on subject matter relating to all things parenthood and they may relate to you or even help (yay!) On the other hand something may not and this isn’t a blog to tell anyone how to do anything. One thing I have learnt in my first 7 seven weeks is that EVERY baby and EVERY parenting experience is different and what might be awesome for one bubba/mumma might be the absolute opposite for the pair next to them.

Hopefully we can create a little mummy family and share our love of being mumma bears to little cubs. x

kissing bmae


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